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New satellite image boosts Malaysian plane search hopes
breaking news: China released on Saturday a new satellite image of a
large floating object possibly linked to missing Malaysian Flight MH370,
boosting search efforts as anger with the pace of the operation boiled
over among Chinese relatives in Beijing
UNSC extends mandate of monitoring group for Somalia
Somalia news - 25 July 2013 The panel, which monitors compliance with
the embargoes on the delivery of weapons and military equipment to
Somalia and Eritrea, also investigates any seaport operations in
Somalia that could generate revenue for the Islamist militant group
known as Al-Shabaab that controls some Somali territory.
Wikileaks on Somalia - Public Reluctance, Private Insistence
Somalia news - 17 July 2013 Wikileaks cables on Somalia document
important and previously undisclosed sentiments expressed by
members of the international community on a range of issues.
Unearthing uninhibited discussions about the 2006 Ethiopian
intervention, the reputation of the Transitional Federal Government
UK police are free to confiscate travellers’ phones
Somalia news - 15 July 2013 THE UK POLICE have the right to seize
mobile phones from people as they cross its borders, the Telegraph
reports. The report quotes David Anderson QC, the independent
reviewer of terrorism law. Anderson is concerned about the practice
and told the newspaper that he plans to cover it in his review of
terrorism laws
Netanyahu: 'I won’t wait until it’s too late' to decide on Iran"
Somalia news : 14 July 2013 In interview with CBS News, prime minister
calls on U.S. to 'ratchet up sanctions and show will to use force'; says
world distracted by Mideast turmoil, lacks 'sense of urgency' on
'messianic, apocalyptic' Tehran
US Paying Hackers to Find Flaws in Rival Computer Systems
Somalia news : 14 of July 2013 Hackers used to sell their services to
software companies in order the fix the flaws, but now governments are
outbidding private enterprises like Microsoft, which recently paid as
much as $150,000 to fix a flawed code
Turkey unrest: Unions call strike over crackdown
Somalia news - 17 June 2013 The Confederation of Public Workers'
Unions (KESK) and Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions (DISK)
are demanding an end to "police violence". The move comes after
continued sporadic clashes between protesters and police in Istanbul
and the capital Ankara. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has
angrily defended the crackdown. Addressing tens of thousands of
supporters in Istanbul on Sunday, Mr Erdogan said it had been his duty
to order the eviction of the protesters in the city's Gezi Park the
previous night
G8 summit crisis talks as Putin warns David Cameron
Somalia news - 17 June 2013 Vladimir Putin last night urged David
Cameron not to arm the Syrian rebels who “eat the organs” of their
enemies. After talks in Downing Street, the tough Russian President
referred to horrific video footage of a rebel leader apparently eating the
heart of a dead Syrian soldier.
UK spies hacked foreign diplomats’ phones, emails
Somalia news - 17 Monday 2013 the latest in a series of revelations
which have ignited a worldwide debate over the scope of Western
intelligence gathering — came just hours before Britain was due to
open the G-8 summit Monday, a meeting of the seven biggest
economies plus Russia, in Northern Ireland. The allegation that the
United Kingdom has previously used its position as host to spy on its
allies and other attendees could make for awkward conversation as the
delegates arrive for talks
US drone 'shot down by al-Shabaab in Somalia'
Somalia news - 29 May 2013 Pictures claiming to show the downed
aircraft were posted on Twitter by the al-Qaeda-linked group, which
celebrated the crash saying: "This one will no longer be able to spy on
Muslims again." A US defence department official confirmed the incident
but declined to say what kind of aircraft it was, what caused it to crash
and whether it was carrying weapons
Inside Track: Good news from Somalia
Somalia news - 29 May 2013 Just a few days ago Somalia's dubious
reputation made the headlines yet again when it emerged that Michael
Adebolajo, one of the two men held on suspicion of killing soldier Lee
Rigby in Woolwich, was arrested during 2010 in Kenya, en-route for
Somalia to join the Islamist militant group al-Shabab that has links to al
Switzerland frees banks to settle U.S. tax evasion cases
Somalia news - 29 May 2013 The Swiss government agreed on
Wednesday to create a legal basis that will allow its banks to settle
investigations by U.S. authorities into their role in helping wealthy
Americans evade billions of dollars in tax. The agreement would give
dozens of banks permission to reach settlements, expected to require
them to pay fines totalling billions of dollars to the U.S. authorities
Full President Obama’s speech on counterterrorism policy
Somalia news - 24 May 2013 For over two centuries, the United States
has been bound together by founding documents that defined who we
are as Americans, and served as our compass through every type of
change. Matters of war and peace are no different. Americans are
deeply ambivalent about war, but having fought for our independence,
we know that a price must be paid for freedom. From the Civil War, to
our struggle against fascism, and through the long, twilight struggle of
the Cold War, battlefields have changed, and technology has evolved
All trade unions affiliated us each other
Dear colleagues
The issue performed for us about the above mentioned
date being too much we concise on two pages including
report and activity in pictures and they are: Somali
Federation Trade Union has engaged various meetings
with the employers including to privately owned
agencies and government.
Prime Minister Denounces Violent Responses to Knife Attack
Somalia news - 23 May 2013 British Prime Minister David Cameron this
morning denounced right-wing riots and attacks on mosques as “knee-
jerk responses” to the brutal knife attack apparently committed by two
men on a London street yesterday as the attack was still being
investigated. After an emergency meeting of COBRA, the government’s
crisis response committee, Cameron issued a statement in which he
emphasized that “This was not just an attack on Britain – and on our
British way of life. It was also a betrayal of Islam – and of the Muslim
communities who are give so much to our country.
London attackers British, of Nigerian origin: source
Somalia news - 23 May 2013 Local media named one of the two
suspects as British-born, 28-year-old Londoner Michael Adebolajo and
said police raided homes of relatives in the city and near the town of
Lincoln. Both men involved in Wednesday's attack appeared to have
converted to Islam from Christian backgrounds, media said
Crisis time for Uganda as Generals disagree
Somalia news - 23 May 2013 There were three significant political
developments in Uganda last week worth commenting on. The first was
the transformation from curiosity and front-page news and into crisis
and mainstream national issue of the Gen. David Tinyefuza affair. The
second was Gen. Elly Tumwine’s public statement insisting that
Tinyefuza should be listened to rather than simply dismissed or
Poll puts Nairobi-Mogadishu ties at risk
Somalia news - 23 May 2013 The risks of a new potentially destabilising
diplomatic tempest appear a near certainty and the consequences too
blindingly obvious and grave to contemplate.
An intense shuttle diplomacy spearheaded by Igad in the last one week
to try to calm the mounting tension and ease the renewed polarisation
over Jubaland apparently failed to make any headway
2 Minnesota women sentenced in Somali terror case
Somalia - 17 May 2013 Attorneys representing the women had
requested much shorter sentences and say they are disappointed by
the decisions of U.S. District Judge Michael Davis. Some members of
the Somali community say they are upset by the length of the
sentences and were offended by how the women were treated in court
Somalia’s priority: national integration for economic
After years of overlooking the real needs of the Somali
people, it is significant change longed-for that Somalia’s
statebuiling featured in the strategic agenda of the key
actors of the International Community (IC), namely the G8
powers  in their ministerial meeting held in London on
April 11, 2013, under the UK Chairmanship
President Hassan arrives in London to co-chair conference
Somalia news - 7 May 2013 The President was accompanied by the
Deputy PM / Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Fowziya Hagi Yusuf Adan;
Minister of Finance, H.E Mohamud H Suleiman; Minister of Defence H.E.
Abdihakim Mohamud Haji Fiqi;Minister of State for the Presidency, H.E.
Farah Sh. Abdulkader, and senior advisors from the Presidency ,and
the office of the Prime Minister
FBI Releases Photos of Boston Bombing Suspects
Somalia news - 19 April 2013 Federal investigators have zeroed in on
two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing that killed three and
injured 175 more on April 15, releasing photos and video of the two
men on Thursday in an appeal for the public to help locate and identify
Somalia's peace: running on empty?
Somalia news - 18 April 2013 After 20 years of civil conflict, Somalia has
once again been given a stark reminder of the challenges facing its
UN-backed government. A fragile peace has again been shattered, in
the most serious attack on Mogadishu since al-Shabab fighters were
forced out of the capital in 2011
Boy killed in Boston blast wrote, 'No more hurting people'
Somalia news - 17 April 2013 Almost a year ago, 8-year-old Martin
Richard wrote four simple words on a sign at school. "No more hurting
people," it said. For the camera, he held up the bright blue sign
decorated with hearts framing the word "Peace." It's a photograph that
many find difficult to look at Tuesday as they struggle to comprehend
the violence that took Martin's life. On Monday, the boy and his family
were watching the Boston Marathon near the finish line when two
bombs exploded just off Copley Square in the heart of the city
Ambassadors from Sweden and The Netherlands present
Somalia news - 16 April 2013 President of the Federal Republic of
Somalia, H.E. Hassan Sh. Mohamud welcomed the newly appointed
Ambassadors from Sweden and The Netherlands, who visited Villa
Somalia to present their credential letters today
Boston Marathon hit by explosions
BREAKING NEWS - Somalia news - 15 April 2013 Two explosions at
the finish line of the Boston Marathon race have left an unknown
number of people injured. Video and photographs from Boston show a
scene of confusion, with emergency services descending on the scene
and bloodied spectators being taken to a medical tent
Looking Beyond Lists, Kremlin Eyes Putin-Obama Meetings
Somalia news -  15 April 2013 Russia-American relations have been
going through their coldest stretch since the Cold War era. The Kremlin
accuses Washington of meddling in its internal affairs; Washington says
the Kremlin wants a foreign enemy to build domestic support
Vehicle Carrying Turkish Officials Attacked in Mogadishu
Somalia news : 14 April 2013 News just in report that a vehicle carrying
Turkish officials has been targeted by another vehicle loaded with
explosive devices in Mogadishu.
Our reporter at the scene has confirmed that two Turkish officials died
on the spot and another one person believed to be the person who
committed the suicide is also confirmed dead
Gunmen launch deadly attack on Somalia courthouse
Somalia - news - 14 April 2013 More than 16 people are believed to
have died after gunmen stormed the city's main court buildings,
shooting and setting off explosions. The Islamist militant group
al-Shabab said it carried out the attack. Later a car bomb was
detonated on the road to the airport, killing four, including two Turkish
aid workers and the attacker. There have also been reports of a third
attack in an unconfirmed location
Plane Plunges Into Water Near Bali Airport
Somalia - news -  13 April 2013 All passengers and crew are believed to
have survived a crash after a plane overshot a runway on Bali and
plunged into the sea Bali police chief Arif Wahyunadi told local TV One
that all of the passengers and crew were evacuated from the plane and
taken into the Denpasar airport terminal for treatment
Pentagon Says Nuclear Missile Is in Reach for North Korea
Somalia - news - 12 April 2013 A new assessment by the Pentagon’s
intelligence arm has concluded for the first time, with “moderate
confidence,” that North Korea has learned how to make a nuclear
weapon small enough to be delivered by a ballistic missile
Somalia - news -  12 April  2013 On April 12, 2010, President Obama
signed Executive Order 13536 (the “E.O.”) declaring a national
emergency to  deal with the unusual and extraordinary threat to the
national security and foreign policy of the United States posed by the
deterioration of the security situation and the persistence of violence in
Somalia, acts of piracy and armed  robbery at sea off the coast of
Somalia, and violations of the Somalia arms embargo imposed by the
United Nations  Security Council. In issuing this E.O., the President
invoked the authority of the International Emergency Economic Powers
Act (“IEEPA”), the National Emergencies Act, section 5 of the United
Nations Participation Act, as amended, and section 301 of title 3, United
States Code
Worrisome Levels of Lead Found In Imported Rice
Somalia news -  11 April 2013 Reporting at the annual meeting of the
American Chemical Society, a group of researchers lead by
Tsanangurayi Tongesayi, an associate professor of chemistry at
Monmouth University in New Jersey announced the results of their
analysis of rice from Asia, Europe and South America. The imports,
which currently make up about 7% of rice consumed in America,
contained higher than acceptable levels of lead
Study: Does Eating White Rice Raise Your Risk of Diabetes?
Somalia news - 11 April 2013 Each additional daily serving of white rice,
a staple of Asian diets, may increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes by
10%, according to the study, which analyzed the results of four previous
studies involving 352,384 participants from four countries: China,
Japan, U.S. and Australia. Those who ate the highest amounts of white
rice had a 27% higher risk of diabetes than those who ate the least,
and the risk was most pronounced in Asian people.
Migrants face wait for civil legal aid
Somalia - news - 7 April 2013 Foreign migrants will have to live in Britain
for a year before they can claim civil legal aid as part of reforms to save
£300m a year. Chris Grayling, the justice secretary, said some migrants
were using the system to settle custody cases despite being in the
country for "extraordinarily short periods of time". He said the measures
would be "difficult but sensible" and insisted the move was "not about
denying people access to justice"
Somalia: U.S. Abruptly Extends Sanctions On Somalia
Somalia - news - 7 April 2013 US President Barack Obama renewed
sanctions on Somalia for 1 more year, Garowe Online reports.
President Obama issued a letter on Thursday citing that the sanctions
would be extended for 1 more year due to people working to destabilize
Somalia. "Although the U.S. recognition underscores a strong
commitment to Somalia's stabilization, it does not remove the
importance of U.S. sanctions, especially against persons undermining
the stability of Somalia," read the press release
Brazilian Prosecutors Ask Federal Police to Investigate Lula
Somalia - news - 7 April 2013 Federal district prosecutors have asked
Federal Police to investigate allegations that former Brazilian President
Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva took part in a cash-for-votes scheme that
toppled several of his closest aides. In a two-sentence statement
posted on their website late yesterday, the prosecutors said their
request is based on advertising executive Marcos Valerio’s sworn
testimony in September that he twice transferred funds for Lula’s
personal expenses
North Korea 'moves mid-range missile'
Somalia - news - 4 April 2013 Kim Kwan-jin played down concerns that
the missile could target the US mainland, and said the North's intentions
were not yet clear. Pyongyang earlier renewed threats of a nuclear
strike against the US, though its missiles are not believed to be capable
of carrying nuclear warheads
U.N. Treaty Aims to Limit Arms Exports for Rights Abusers
Somalia - 2 April 2013 The United Nations General Assembly voted
overwhelmingly on Tuesday to approve a landmark treaty that tries to
regulate the enormous global trade in conventional weapons, for the
first time linking sales to the human-rights records of the buyers
Bomb hits Somalia's biggest bank, cash transfer agency
Somalia -  2 April 2013 A bomb exploded outside the headquarters of
Somalia's biggest bank and money transfer agency on Tuesday,
wounding at least two people hours after al Qaeda-linked militants
ordered the company to cease operations in areas under its contro
Afghan teenager fatally stabs US soldier
Somalia - 1 April 2013 Two officials said Monday that Sergeant Michael
Cable, 26, was guarding a meeting of Afghan and US officials in
Nangarhar province when the stabbing occurred. One of the officials
estimated the attacker was 16 years old, but he escaped so the age
couldn't be verified.
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Warar inaga soo gaaray gobolka Galgaduud ee bartamaha dalka
ayaa sheegaya in ciidamo huwan ah oo isugu jira Itoobiyaan iyo
Soomaali saaka laga dhaqaajiyey duleedka Guriceel ayna ku sii
jeedaandegmada Ceelbuur
Ciidamada AMISOM & kuwa DF oo Qoryooleey la wareegay
WAR DEG DEG AH:  DF ayaa ka dhawaajisay inaan cafis loo fidin
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Maxamed Cabdi Godane, Cali Dheere, Fu’aad Qalaf iyo Rooboow
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Madaxweyne Xasan Sh, oo ka yiri fadhiga baarlamaanka
Madaxweynaha Somaliya waxa uu Ururka Al Shabaab ku eedeeyay in
ay ka biyo diidan yihiin nabad ka dhalata dalka Somaliya, ha
yeeshee aan la huri doonin in leeska qabto argagaxisada,
R/wasaare C/wali oo la kulmay Jaaliyadda Switzerland + Sawirro
Ra’iisul Wasaaraha Soomaaliya Mudane Cabdiweli Sheekh Axmed
ayaa xalay magaalada Geneva waxaa uu kula kulmay jaaliyadda
Soomaaliyeed ee dalka Switzerland, waxaa uu warbixin ka siiyay
booqashada uu ku joogo dalka Switzerland iyo holwgallada ay
dawladdu ku baacsanayso Nabad-diidka Al-Shabaab oo dhibaatada
ay ku hayaan dadka iyo dalkaba uu sheegay in lasoo afjari doono.
Qaar kamid ah Gudoomiyaasha Degmooyinka oo ay adag tahay
Gudoomiyaha Gobolka Banaadir Ahna Duqa Magaalada Muqdisho
Jen. Xasan Maxamed Xuseen (Muungaab) ayaa durba bilaabay in uu
xilka ka qaado mid kamid ah Gudoomiyaasha Degmooyinka Gobolka
Banaadir iyadoona maalmaha soo aadan la filayo in qaar kale iyana
xilka laga qaado
Qaramada Midoobay oo Kenya ku eedeeysay in Dhuxusha
Somali news : 14 July 2013 Warbixin ay soo saartay kooxda
Qaramada Midoobay u qaabilsan Xayiraadaha saaran Soomaaliaya
iyo Eretria  ayaa lagu eedeeyay ciidamada Kenya ee ku howl gala
Magaca AMISOM kuna sugan Magaalada Kismaayo ee xarunta
Gobalka Jubbada hoose in ay fududeeyaan dhoofinta Dhuxusha
Sharcidarrada ah ee laga dhoofiyo Magaalo xeebeedka Kismaayo
Syria ayaa cambaaraysay madaxweynaha Masar
Somali news - 17 June 2013 Mr Morsi ayaa sheegay in dowladiisa ay
jartay xiriirka ay la lahayd dowladda uu hoggaamiyo Bishaar Al-Asad,
kaalin xukuumada Dimishiq waxa ay lee dahay Masar iyo Maraykanka
waa isku mid sida laga soo xigtay wakaalada wararka dalka Syria ee
Sana news agency
Kenya oo lagu eedeeyay xadgudub ka dhan ah qaxootiga
Somali news - 29 May 2013 Hay’adda xuquuqda aadanaha ee
Human Rights Watch ayaa maanta soo saartay warbixin ay ku
eedeynayso ciidamada Kenya inay tacaddiyo isugu jira jirdil, kufsi iyo
xarig u gaysteen kun qof oo qaxooti Soomaali ah oo ku sugan Kenya
Ugandha oo ay soo wajahday Qalqal iyo isku dhexyaac
Somali news - 27 May 2013 General David Sejusa oo ahaa Taliyihii
Sirdoonka Wadanka Uganda, ayaa u fakaday Waddanka U,K waxana
la sheegay in Deegaanno kamid ah London ay ku waardiyeynayaan
Ciidamo ka tirsan Sirdoonka Waddanka Ingiriiska Iyadoo laga cabsi
qabo in halkaa lagu qaarajiyo
Madaxweyne Xasan oo edeeyay Dowlada Kenya
Somalia news - 27 May 2013 Madaxwaynaha Jamhuuriyada  
Soomaaliya Mudane Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud oo Addis-Ababa kula
hadlayay Madaxda Midowga Africa ayaa walaac ka muujiyay
ciidamada nabad ilaalinta ee ka socda dalka Kenya ee ku sugan
magaalada Kismaayo, ka dib markii ay diideen inay sugaan
ammaanka xubno ka socday golaha xukuumadda ee Soomaaliya oo
gaaray magaalada Kismaayo
Guri walba oo ku yaala Wada jir waxaa hortaagan Ciidamo
Somali news -  25  May 2013 Ciidamada dowladda Soomaaliya iyo
AMISOM ayaa saaka ku jermaaday xaafado ka tirsan degmada
Wadajir, halkaasoo howl gal guri guri ka wadaan, iyadoo uu hakad ku
jiro dhaq dhaqaaqa gaadiidka, goobaha ganacsiga iyo waxbarashada
Shirkii Madaxda IGAD oo lagu heshiiyey
Somali news - 25 May 2013 Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda
Federaalka Soomaaliya Mudane Xassan Sh. Maxamuud oo ka
qeybalay shirkii Madaxweynayaasha IGAD ayaa halkaas khudbad
taariikhi ah ka jeediyey oo uu sheegey in Shirkii 3da May ee
madaxda IGAD wax badan qabsoomeen, sida shirkii London 7dii
May, xiriirka joogtada ah ee IGAD iyo guddigii IGAD ee booqday
Muqdisho iyo Kismayo iyo shirkii maanta ee Wasiirada Arrimaha
Dibedda ee IGAD
Madaxweynaha oo Addis ugu qayb galaya xuska AUda
Somali news - 23 May 2013 Madaxweynaha dowladda federaalka ah
ee Soomaaliya Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud iyo wafdi uu
hoggaaminayo, ayaa gaaraya magaalada Addis Ababa ee xarunta
Itoobiya si uu uga qayb galo xuska 50 guuradii ka soo wareegtay
markii la aasaasay ururka Midowga Africa
Booliska Egland oo xiray rag dilay askari
Somalia News - 23 May 2013 Ciidamada dalka Ingiriiska ayaa
gacanta ku dhigay labo ruux oo mid ka mid ah askarta dalkaasi ku
dilay Xaafad ay soomaalida dagto oo lagu magacaabo Woolwich
Xuska sanadguuradii 50-aad ee AU oo Muqdisho lagu qabtay
Somalia news - 23 May 2013 Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya oo ka
hadlayay munaasabad loogu dabaal-dagayay 50-guuradii kasoo
wareegtay markii la aasaasay ururuka Midowga Afirka oo maanta
Muqdisho lagu qabtay ayaa sheegay inuu rajeynayo in dhawaan
shirka ururka Midowga Afrika lagu qabto magaalada Muqdisho ee
xarunta Soomaaliya
Kenya oo ka hadashay Arrimaha Somalia iyo tan AMISOM
Somali news -  18 May 2013 Willaim Ruto,Madaxweyne ku-xigeenka
dalka Kenya, ayaa waxa uu sheegay in Dowladiisu ay ku guda jirto
Xal lagu raadinaayo sidii loo kordhin lahaa Ciiddamadda AMISOM ee
Hawlaha Ammaanka u jooga Somalia, waxa uuna Willaim Ruto,
sheegay in xasillooni la’aanta baaxad weyn ay ka jirta Somalia, sida
uu hadalka u dhigay
Somali news - 17 May 2013 Xaawo Maxamed Xasan, ayaa waxaa
lagu xukumay 10 sano oo xarig ah, halka Aamino Faarax Cali, lagu
xukumay 20 sano oo xarig ah, waxaana la sheegay in ay ahaayeen
dadkii ugu dambeeyay sagaal ruux oo maxkamada federal-ka ee
magaalada Minneapolis ay xukunto todobaadkan
Riisul Wasaaraha Soomaaliya oo la kulmay IGAD
Somali news -  17 May 2013 Ra’iisul Wasaaraha Soomaaliya Cabdi
Faarax Shirdoon (Saacid) ayaa kulan la qaatay wafdi ka socday urur
goboleedka IGAD, kuwaasoo booqashadooda ay la xiriirto qiimenta
arrimaha Jubooyinka.Kulankan oo ahaa mid albaabada u xirnaa,
saxaafadana ay dibad joog ka aheyd ayaa waxaa looga hadlayay
arrimaha Jubooyinka, gaar ahaan doorashadii ka dhacday Kismaayo
ee loogu doortay Labada Madaxweyne
Muxuu Xassan Daahir ka yiri Geeridii Abu Mansur Alamriki
Somali news -  17 May 2013 Xassan Daahir Aweys, oo kamid ah
Saraakiisha Alshabaab ayaa waxa uu ka hadlay warar ay baryahaani
qorayeen Warbaahinta oo ahaa inuu Geeriyooday Jihaadiistaha
Reer Maraykan Omar Shafiq Abu Hammaami oo loo yaqaan (Abu
Mansur Alamriki), ayaa waxa uu Xassan Daahir beeniyay Geerida
Warbixin dheer oo ku saabsan shirka London
Somali news - 7 May 2013 Shirweyne caalami ah oo looga hadlayo
arrimaha Soomaaliya ayaa maanta ka furmaya  magaalada London
ee xarunta dalka Ingiriiska , kaas oo ay wada shir-guddoomin
doonaan madaxda  dowladaha Soomaaliya iyo Ingiriiska
Shirka London oo socda
Live London Somalia conference click here
Madaxweyne Xassan iyo Cameron oo wada hadal qaadanaaya
Somali news - 7 May 2013 Shirka labada Mas’uul ayaa waxa uu yimid
ka gadaal markii uu Shirka joogsaday iyadoona Madaxda ay
qaadanaayan Wakhti Nasitaan ah, waxaana Wakhtigaasi ka faa’
iideysanaaya Madaxweyne Xassan iyo David Camiron oo isla meel
dhigaaya Qodobo muhiim ah oo looga baahan yahay in Shirka laga
Wargeyska Time oo Madaxweyne Xassan Sheekh kudaray
Boqolka Shaqsi ee Dunida ugu Saameynta badan!
Somali news - 19 April 2013 Wargeeys Sannad Waliba Soo saara
Warbixin ay uga hadlayaan Boqolka qofood ee Caalmka ugu
Saameeynta badan oo magaciisa la yiraahdo Time ayaa Sannadkan
wuxuu Warbixintiisa Sannadlaha ah kusoo daray Madaxweynaha
Jamhuuriyada Soomaaliya Mudane Xassan Sheekh Maxamuud
Qaraxyo gilgilgay xalay dalka Mareykanka
Somali news - 16 April 2013nUgu yaraan labo ruux ayaa geeriyootay
in ka badan 141-ruuxna dhaawacyo kala duwan ayaa ka soo gaaray
qaraxyo waa weyn oo xalay gilgilay mid ka mid ah magaalooyinka
waa weyn ee dalka Mareykanka, gaar ahaan magaalada Boston
gobolka Massachuties, halkaas oo ay ka dhaceen labo qarax oo ka
dhacay mid ka mid ah garoomada kubadda lagu ciyaaro oo ku yaala
Turkiga oo sii wadidoonaan howlihii ay Soomaaliya
Somali news - 16 April 2013 Iyadoo maalintii doraad Magaalada
Muqdisho weerar ismiidaamin ah lagu qaaday gaari ay saarnaayeen
shaqaalo ajaaniib ah oo Turkiga u dhashay,islamarkaana ka
shaqeynayay Hay’adda Bisha cas ee dalkaasi, islamarkaasna ay soo
baxeen warar iskhilaafsan oo ka hadlaya waxyeelada weerarkaasi ka
soo gaartay shaqaalihii turkiga ahaa ayaa waxaa arrintaasi ka hadlay
hay,adda bisha Cas ee dalka Turkiga
Raiisul Wasaaraha oo Booqday Goobtii Qaxyadu
Somali news - 15 April 2013 Ra’iisul Wasaaraha xukuumadda
Federaalka Soomaaliya Mudane Cabdi Faarax Shirdoon Saacid iyo
xubno ka tirsan golaha wasiirada iyo taliyayaasha ciidamadda ayaa
booqasho ku tagay maxkamadda gobolka Banaadir oo ahayd udub
dhaxaadkii qaraxyadii ismiidaaminta ahaa ee shalay ka dhacay
magaalada Muqdisho
Kenya iyo Al-shabaab oo dagaal ku dhex maray Jubbada
Somali news - 15 April 2013 Iska hor imaadkani ayaa lasoo
sheegayaa inuu ka dhacay deegaanada Qooqaani iyo Taabta oo ka
wada tirsan gobolka Jubbada Hoose, Iska hor imaadka ayaa yimid
kadib markii baabur ay wateen Ciidamada Kenya oo ah nooca
Soomaalidu ay u taqaano taw-ga  ay miino la damac sanaa in  lagu
qarxiyo lala gafay iyadoo intaas kadibna ay bilaabatay rasas toos ah
oo ay is waydaarsanayen dagaal yahaynada Al-shabab iyo
Ciidamada Kenya
Madaxweyne oo sheegay in dagaalka  weji cusub uu gelayo
Somali news - 15 April 2013 Madaxweynaha Dalka Soomaaliya
Mudane Xassan Sheekh Maxamuud ayaa sheegay in dagaalka
Dowladda Soomaaliya ay kula jirto Al Shabaab uu galay waji kale oo
cusub xilli uu ka hadlayay weerarkii shalay ka dhacya Maxkamadda
Gobolka Banaadir, Waxana uu Madaxweynuhu Shacabka
Soomaaliyeed ka dalbaday in ay ka qeybqaataan Wejigan cusub ee
Dagaal oo uu sheegay in lagu ciribtirayo Alshabaab
Al-shabab oo sheegtay weeraradii iyo Wararkii ugu danbeyey
Somali news -  14 April 2013  Ilaa hada inta la hubo waxaa ku
geeriyooday 10 ruux halka qaar kalena ay ku dhaawacmeen waxaa
dadka ku geeriyooday ka mid ah labo Abukaate oo ka tirsanaa
abuukatayaasha ugu caansanaa gobolka Banaadir oo uu kamid
ahaa Abukaate Maxamed Maxamuud Odowaa iyo sido kale Wariye
hore oo ka tirsana Radio Muqdisho oo  lagu magacaabo  Xabeeb
Xaaladda Muqdisho oo maanta aad u xun
somali news -  14 April 2013 Waxaa maanta aad iyo aad u qasan
xaaladda guud ee magaalada Muqdisho, iyadoona shacabka ku nool
magalada ay kala cararaayaan, waxaana sidoo kale la maqlaayaa
rasaas xoogan, iyadoona arinta maanta ay tahay mid allow sahal ah
Somali news - 13 April 2013 Xasan Sheekh ayaa dalka Turkiga kaga
soo qeybgalay shir ay heshiis ku kala saxiixdeen maamulka
Soomaaliland iyo Dowladda Soomaaliya. Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya
ayaa safarkiisa uu dalka dib ugu soo noqday waxaa ku wehlinaya
Wasiirka arimaha gudaha iyo ammaanka qaranka Xukuumadda
Soomaaliya iyo sidoo kale wasiiru dowlaha Madaxtooyada. Garoonka
Muqdisho ayaa si qurux badan Madaxweynaha loogu soo
dhaweeyay,iyadoo uu halkaasi saxaafada kula hadlay wasiirka
arimaha gudaha ee Xukuumadda Soomaaliya.
Ismiidaamin ah oo xoogan gaystay oo ka dhacay Muqdisho
Somali news - 13 April 2013 War si deg deg ah inooga soo gaaray
Isgoyska KM4 ee degmada Hodan ayaa sheegaya in halkaas uu ka
dhacay qarax aad uxoogan kaas oo gaystay qasaarooyin isugu jira
dhimasho iyo dhaawac
Sanduuqa lacagta IMF oo aqoonsaday Soomaaliya
Somali - news - 13 April 2013 Sanduuqa lacagta aduunka ee IMF,
ayaa aqoonsaday doowlada Soomaaliya mudo kadib 22 sano, oo uu
go’naa xiriirkii ka dhaxeeyay Soomaaliya iyo sanduuqa lacagta
aduunka. Hase yeeshee warbixinta kasoo baxday sanduuqa lacagta
aduunka, ayaa lagu sheegay in IMF aysan wax lacag ah deymin
doonin Soomaaliya, ilaa iyo inta laga bixinayo daymaha ay hay
Madaxweyne Xassan oo Kenya kala hadlay Arrimo xasaasiya
Somali news - 11 April 2013 Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya, Xassan
Sheekh Maxamuud ayaa xalay kulan gaar ah la yeeshay
madaxweynaha cusub ee Kenya, Kadib markii uu magaalada Nairobi
kaga qeybgalay Caleemasaarkii Mr Kenyata Maallinnimadii shalay
isagoo kala hadlay xiriirka labada dal iyo sidii loo xoojin lahaa
Raiisal Wasaaraha Soomaaliya oo gaaray Bujumbura
Somali news - 11 April 2013 Raiisal Wasaare Cabdi Faarax Shirdoon
Saacid ayaa kulan gaar ah la qaatay madaxweyne kuxigeenka
koowaad ee dalka Burundi Terence Sinunguruza, waxayna labada;
uul ka wada hadleen iskaashiga labada wadan, gaar ahaana
ammaanka iyo horumarka. Kulankan oo ka dhacay xarunta
madaxtooyada ee madaxweyne kuxigeenka koowaad, ayaa waxaa
kale oo ka qeybgalay Wasiirka Gaashaandhigga Cabdixakiin
Maxamuud Xaaji Faqi, safiirka Soomaaliya u fadhiya Burundi Abshir
Xasan Abshir Faarax
Wafdi ka socda bangiga aduunka oo soo gaaray Muqdisho
Somali news - 11 April 2013 Waxaa maanta magaalada Muqdisho ee
caasimada dalka Soomaaliya soo gaaray wafdi balaaran oo ka socda
bangiga aduunka, kuwaas oo markii ay magaalada yimaadeen loo
galbiyay xarunta Xalane ee magaalada Muqdisho.
Ciidamo ka socda Ingiriiska oo ku soo jeeda Soomaaliya
Somali news - 11 April 2013 Wasiirka Ingiriisku waxa uu kulamo
qaatay labo maalmood kula yeeshay mas’uuliyiinta dalka Yugandha
wadahadalo ku saabsan arrimaha dalka Soomaaliya iyo shirka
Soomaalida loogu qabanayo dalka Ingiriiska iyo waliba howgalka
AMISOM ee ka socda dalka Soomaaliya, isagoo ka codsaday
Yugandha inay sii waddo ka qeybqaadashada sida uu yiri sidii nabad
loogu soo dabaali lahaa guud ahaan dalka soomaaliya ,ayna
taageerto dowladda cusub ee Soomaaliya
Soomaaliya oo ka jawaabtay digniintii ka soo yeertay Ingiriiska
Somali news: 7 April 2013 Dowlada Soomaaliya ayaa ka jawaabtay
digniintii ka soo yeertay dowladda Ingiriiska oo iyadu uga digtay
muwaadiinteeda inay u safraan gudaha Soomaaliya, gaar ahaan
magaalada Muqdisho oo ay sheegtay inay dhici karto inay qaraxyo
ka dhacaan, waxayna dowladda Soomaaliya sheegtay inaysan
haynin wax cadeynaya arrintaasi ku saabsan, isla markaasna
dowladda Ingiriisku ay carqaladeynayso nabadda ka soo bidhaantay
Turkiga oo marti gelinaysa shir looga hadlayo Soomaaliya
Somali news: 7 April 2013 Dowlada Turkiga ayaa qaban qaabineysa
shirkii labaad oo xal loogu raadinayo Xaaladaha ka taagan wadamo
Badan oo Soomaaliya ay ku jirto sida uu qoray wargeyska kasoo
baxa dalka Turkiga. Shirka ayaa waxaa shaaciyay wasiirka arimaha
Dibada Turkiga Ahmet Davutoglu, isagoona sheegay in Kulanka uu
bilaaban doono April 11, wuxuuna soconaya ilaa iyo 12-ka
:Qarax goordhow ka dhacay xaruunta Dahabshiil
Somali - news - 2 April 2013 Warar kala duwan ayaa kasoo baxay
qarax weyn oo goordhow ka dhacay xaruunta Dahabshiil, ee
magaalada Muqdisho. Wararka qaar ayaa sheegaya in qaraxa loo
adeegsaday gaari laga soo buxiyay walxaha qarxa, Al-shabaab ayaa
maalmo kahor Albaabada iskugu dhuftay Xaruumaha ay Dahabshiil
ku leedahay gobolada ay wali ka taliyaan
AMISOM oo sheegtay in Taliye sare ka tirsan Al-Shabaab
Somalia news - 1 April 2013 Sarkaal ka tirsan Ciidamada AMISOM
ayaa sheegay in Taliye ka tirsan Al-Shabaab ay ku dileen Gobolka
Shabellaha Hoose, kadib markii ay weerar gaadmo ah ku qaadeen
Kolonyo uu la socday. Major Henry Obo oo ka mid ah Xafiiska
Warfaafinta AMISOM ayaa u sheegay Saxaafada Muqdisho inay
weerar qorsheysan ku dilaan Sarkaal sare oo lagu magacaabo
Maxamed Abuu Saciid
Shirka looga hadlayo arimaha Garsoorka oo hada furmay
Somalia news - 1 April 2013 Shirkaas oo  ay ka qeyb galayaan mas’
uuliyiinta ugu sareysa dowladda Soomaaliya, xildhibaano, wasiirro,
madaxda maamulka Gobolka Banaadir, gudoomiyayaasha
degmooyinka, odayaasha dhaqanka Soomaaliyeed, culimaa’udiinka,
siyaasiyiin, aqoonyahano, iyo qeybaha kala duwan ee bulshada
Soomaaliyeed ayaa waxaa ugu horeyn lagu furay aayadaha Qur’
aanka Kariimka oo uu halkaa ka akhriyay Guddoomiyaha Majmaca
Culumaa’udiinka Soomaaliyeed
Howlihii Garoonka Diyaaradaha oo dib u soo laabtay
Somali news: 28 March 2013 Waxaa goor dhow uu dib u soo laabtay
habsami u socodkii howlihii garoonka diyaaradaha ee Aadan Cadde
magaalada Muqdisho, kadib markii saakay abaarihii 6-dii subaxnimo
la hakiyay, isla markaana la diiday in gelis iyo bixid
Maraykanka oo soo daabulayo Ciiddamadda Sierra Leone
Somali news: 28 March 2013 Saraakiil ka tirsan Milliteriga
Maraykanka ayaa gaaray Caasimadda dalka Sierra Lione ee Free
Town, si ay gacan uga geystaan qorshaha lagu soo daabuli doono
Ciiddamadda dalkaasi ee ku soo biiri doona Hawlgalka
Nabad-ilaalinta Somalia ee AMISOM
Gudoomiyaha baarlamaanka oo gaaray Baydhaba
Somalia news: 24 March 2013 Waxaa magaalada Baydhaba ee
xarunta gobalka Bay gaaray wafdi balaaran oo uu hogaaminaayo
gudoomiyaha baarlamaanka Soomaaliya Maxamed Sheekh Cismaan
Jawaari, iyadoo halkaasi si diiran loogu soo dhaweeyay
Qarax Ismiidaamin ah oo goordhow ka dhacay Bakaaraha
WAR DEG DEG AH: Somali news:  21 March 2013 War goordhow
naga soo gaaray Suuqa Bakaaraha ee Magaalada Muqdisho, ayaa
sheegaya in qof isku soo xiray waxyaabaha qarxa, uu isku qarxiyay
meel u dhow hay’ada laanta sirdoonka NSA ay ku leedahay suuqa
Bakaaraha ee Muqdisho
Wafdi heer sare ah oo ka socday Qaramada Midoobay\Wafdi ka
Somalia news: 20 March 2013 socda Qaramada Midoobay kana
koobnaa toban xubnood ayaa maanta soo gaaray magaalada Jowhar
iyagoo kulamo la yeeshay maamulka gobolka Sh/dhexe. Xubnaha
wafdigan oo ay horkacaysay Ms Ayaka Suzuki ayaa waxaa kamid
ahaa ku xigeenka wakiilka qaramada Midoobay ee Soomaaliya Peter